All I do is wetdsand, then wipe down with a damp cloth and dry, then add my newxt layer. It will pop.
wetsand all the way up to 2000

then buff it
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if you go to a autobody store you can get a bottle of this stuff by 3m i cant remember the name of it but its in a black bottle with purple and silver label its a white thin paste with real fine grit it works really good, dont get the extra cut but the finer grit one. i use it at work all the time, the name has just slipped my mind right now, the guy at store should be able to help ya tho
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yeah the only problem is that i'm in australia, so 3m isnt huge over here.
so it's like a buffing compound?

3M Finesse It II Finishing and Glaze should be available at auto and marine supply stores. There should be something similar if 3M isn't available.

According to 3M's slow website, it's available in Australia.

If they dont have finesse it go for meguire's I've had better results from meguire's than finesse it