I am looking into pod x3 and i currently have boss me-50
zoom b2.1u(for bass), and line 6 ux1 (for recording)
However, Line6 POD X3 has can do what all three machines that
i have can and it goes beyond. All of the functions sound really impressive
I am going to a dorm after high school which is done in a year so i can plug
in headphones (unlike boss me-50 which is more like a stomp box rather than
multi effects so i can't get good sound from plugging headphones)
I am quite tight on budget, but for trading three multieffects/recording device
that i have, i don't think its gonna hurt my budget.
Your opinion or comments?
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The POD X3 gives you much more then the Boss me-50, Zoom b2.1u and the ux1.
The POD x3 also sounds much better then me 50 or Zoom B2.1u ( btw nothing can beat a good all tube amp with a sure SM57 mic)