I'm looking at either buying a '72 Tele deluxe reissue or a Baja Tele, but was wondering which would be better for my particular needs.
I like playing/listening to Hendrix, The Doors and RHCP. On the heavier side of things I tend to play and listen to Hundred Reasons and Incubus type stuff. A good mix of Rhythm and lead playing takes place...
Which would be better, or is capable of a wider range of sounds and styles?
i know the tele deluxe is very versitile i got the tele custom which to me is even more versitile cuz youve got that gibson sound from the humbucker and got a the squel from the classic tele singl coil. i dunno what a Baja tele is. gonna look into it
1972 Telecaster Custom (My Baby)
Baja tele, ive not played the deluxe but from my experiance with the custom and what ive heard about the baja,, id deffinately go baja.

The neck on the custom was pretty sticky and huge, the pickups were weak, didnt have the tele bite at all even with the single, the neck pup was weak and overall, i felt it wasnt worth the money.

The deluxe may be different, but I doubt itd satisfy any tele craving you may have. Teles are pretty versatile anyway, especially with the neck pup, very warm and smooth, good for heavy rhythym and lead solos, but they are single coils, so i wouldnt expect miracles. For the lighter stuff, theyre superb though.