I'm looking for a bass under £200..

I've narrowed it down to..

Epiphone ThunderBird £170
Yamaha RBX374 £170
Yamaha BB414 £199
ESP B-50 £199

But i'm open to other suggestions! I'm looking for one that feels good to play.. but don't suggest anything over £200!! I'm on a tight budget

Any suggestions?
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Epiphone ThunderBird £170 - if you can get that for that cheap ... then get that =O
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out of those i'd agree the thunderbird, but are you just looking for a bass or a bass pack?

if it just the bass you're after then check out the vintage modified basses by squier, i've heard very good things about those basses, very good indeed.
I would like to point out the Bass FAQ in the bass forum. HERE
I would also like to point out, that Epiphone Thunderbirds, are the worst basses in the world. They neck dive, there is 0 upper fret access and the tone is non-existent, if you ask on the bass forum they will tell you the same thing. I do admit that they look good though. Out of that selection however, I would go with, well, anything else. I have owned a Yamaha RBX series bass and it's awesome, and I have played a B-50 and that was just as good.

Also, if you don't already have a Bass amp, you need one. If you play a bass through a guitar amp, say goodbye to your speaker cone.
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