Hello to everybody,

I have a ZOOM GFX-1 but there's no site with patches for it... somebody knows some patches ?
(Sounds for Metallica and Iron Maiden)


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Ive got the G1, dunno waht the difference is, cos mines 2 years old..

Metallica, look around C3-C6 cos theres a "Kirk Hammett" tone there.

B8 is a Diezel a like, which can get a hetfield kinda tone if you tweak a bit.

B4 For all high gain duties!

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unfortunately the G1 is a lot different from the GFX-1. All the same, thank You for Your reply.

ANYBODY have the patches for GFX-1 ??
thank You very much, I will try them... do You have any tips or hints how to setup Your amp with this GFX-1 ? I use the distorted channel, is that right? Or should I use the clean channel, as the distortion comes from the pedal?

Thank You for hints !