Hi all. I was thinking of getting a custom made guitar and I thought of using the H-S-H configuration. For the two humbuckers, I intend on using EMG 81s for both and for the Single Coil, an EMG SA. But the problem is, a friend once told me that if I use active pickups, any passive pickups in the configuration would be really soft. Almost inaudible. Anyone got any advice? Thanks
the active humbuckers are gonna sound a lot louder than the passive single coil.
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Isn't the SA active too?

And yeah, there would be a substantial volume drop. The wiring would be a royal pain too.
It is possible, however for practicality i dont think its the best idea. As aforementioned the volume drop would not be practical
You would need a seperate volume and tone control for the nonactive pickup. Just be a pain to wire.
Get an active single coil if you can? Then raise it higher than the humbuckers?

I doubt it'll work though...
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