So, what is it in the Pit's opinion that makes a guitarist 'good'?

For example... do they have to be able to play sweet child of mine solo? sweep pick? shred like yngwie? know how to play a C#diminished7th-4? etc... etc..

wat u reckon?
in all honesty : play notes that sound the way you want it, so in my case, full tone, long and with good vibrato
I think vibrato is a good tool to see how good someone is at playing guitar
someone who expresses every aspect of their personality through their instrument, even if i personally didnt think it was too great id still say theywere a good guitar player cos they expressed themselves, in the same way, someone could be doing sweep a minor arpegiios at 200bpm but if they didnt express themselves i wouldnt say they were a good player
hope this doesnt sound odd, its just my opinion lol
someone who can make you feel what they feel when playing
Id say emotive playing is important for me, but im a blues guitar player however i still do respect some metal guitarists because thats what theyre good at and thats what they wanted to do
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They just have to make good music/sound good (either one). And I know that's a matter of opinion, but so is whether or not a guitarist is "good". To me, at least, technical skills don't mean sh*t.
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1. Sound good

2. play accurately

3 versatile

4 leather pants
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1. Sound good

2. play accurately

3 versatile

4 leather pants

This one.
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lol howsa bout this guy?


to post below... dont reckon this guys expressing himself. he's still the best i have ever seen?

Yeah he can play fast but it still sounds really bad.
It's like Michael Angelo Batio. Most people go to his concerts to see him beat the **** out of his guitar but the music isn't very good.

I'd say full pretty notes and being able to improvise a bit are nesaccery to be called a good guitarist.
Play exactly whats in your head on your guitar every time.

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they have to be able to play songs that appeal to them. and not give up when UG tells them they suck.
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1. Sound good

2. play accurately

3 versatile

4 leather pants


and how do you play a C#diminished7th-4?
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Express their emotions through their playing is always a great big + in my books
I hate the way musical talent is measured by playing skill

Good music is simply just good music, doesnt matter whose playing it
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Accuracy should be good...

and of course you should sound good...
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i guess its pointless to try and class what is 'good' then... so many different styles, but thanks. agree with the ability to communicate urself...