I recently bought a Laguna LE 322 AVB, which I like very much. Well, last night, I went to play Hells Bells, and I noticed that it sounded flat. So, I retuned it (Standard), and it fell flat again (low E A D and G only. B and high E are fine.) I tuned it sharp purposly, and thought it would work since it seems to be tuning down, but they fell flat again. When I'm in 1/2 step, or something like that, which I tried later, this doesn't happen. So, I'm led to believe that the guitar has a bit of a problem. Any suggestions?
My equipment:
Aria Pro II Cardinal Series CS-250
Crate CR-160
CONN (Accoustic)
Laguna LE 322 AVB
Line 6 Micro Spider
Line 6 Uber Metal
Dunlop Crybaby Wah Classic
BOSS GE-7 (soon)
try tighting the machine head or fidding about with the bridge..
only thing i can think of.. then again.. i'm no pro on these matters i've never had such problems.
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