well yeah

i really like power chords *adores*

so i wanted to ask you guys

know anny good songs that only exist out of power chords?

greetz and thanks in advance
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Haha. Smells like Teen Spirit?

Does a power chord appreggio count?
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see: Punk
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more or less anything Punk except some of the newer stuff

any pop punk at all

Rockin' shit
Alot of punk is barre chords, but yeah, alot of stuff with power chords.

Pennywise was some of the first stuff I learnt, all power chords.
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Thrash Metal. A fair bit has powerchords. Try Metallica nd Megadeth.
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Most of Nirvana
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Millencolin, Offspring, Bad Astronaut, Lagwagon, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, NoFX, Greenday, Blink182
play the chorus part to deliverance by opeth (the one which starts with a b5/power chord on 2nd fret a string) that'll get your fingers stretching a very nice power chord fashion. also learn some new tricks, plus one of the all time great riffs imo!!
alot of rock like AC/DC and KISS are just really simple power chord progressions.

Shock me by Ace Frehley/KISS is all power chords (except the solo of course :p

Highway to Hell, basically all power chords, just don't play the low e notes for the d and g chords.
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almost every (rock of some kind song) has some powerchords in it. some bands that uses it a lot: Rise Against, The Ramones, Greenday etc.
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No, Em7 is the chord you need.

Seriously, all 7th chords sound much more alive then 5ths or standard major/minor.
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