hey guys im thinkin of tradin my esp ltd truckster for a peavey vandenberg

2 very different guitars but im only wondering if the dimarzio super dist. will be good for heavy / thrash metal riffery and leads? and how it compares to the emg 81?



thats the vandneberg right there
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Well, i believe that the high output of both of those p/ups would suffice for your requirements, so its all down to whether you would like to pay for batteries for your guitar!
I would be wary about buying that guitar though, it doesnt look exactly new, and the wiring may not be up to scratch, but the body still seems to be in good shape!
uhm...teh only person i know that used a super distortion was ace frehley...and hes not very thrashy, just rock n roll... so...im not sure...
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