I've read a few threads that touch on this topic, but nothing that went in to detail. Do you think blues and/or jazz will ever be mainstream music again? Music goes round in a cycle, rock is always going in and out of fashion. Is it possible for blues and jazz to come back in its purest form (not blues rock)? I'd say the majority of fans are either people who were alive when it was music of the day and musicians.

Half of me thinks that it won't come back, that today's cultural climate doesn't have a place for it. It could have been like a big bang phenomenon, a musical genre that came and died but created a few sub genres which could draw from it as inspiration but had more sustainability. The other half of me knows that the kids of today are fickle and impressionable, all it would need is for a blues tune to be used on a an ipod or nike advert, then maybe some celebs wearing smart looking 'blues is not dead' t-shirts and then all of a sudden its kitsch and there's a band wagon to jump on.

I have a few blues cd's that I like, and I've done some reading but I'm no expert, was just wondering what your thoughts were on this topic.
i doubt it. but half of UG claims to play everything from metalcore to jazz, and i think youre right in that theyre just gunning for 'look at me im fresh and different' kudos
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Music is always changing, styles like Pavan and other music that was played hundreds of years ago is now extinct practically so theres a good chance that certains styles will do too in the future, I hope rock never dies though.
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Like yourself, I don't know much at all about the blues, or jazz, but I wasn't under the impression that neither have ever really been particuarly mainstream.

The British Blues Revival was certainly more of an underground thing than history might suggest. It only hit the mainstream as blues rock (Cream, Fleetwood Mac et al)

American blues might've been much bigger, especially in places like Chicago where there was a boom and "place of operations".

As for "the purest form" of blues, that's completely untracable, because it evolved over 50 years or so before recordings were made, and the recordings were very selective and only focused on the more conventional songs.

But I suppose that the blues hasn't really gone into decline, on the contrary it's a much bigger thing than it was in the 60's, it's just that other things have sprung up, and there's more choice.

On top of that, there's quite a hype over Joe Bonamassa at the moment, so it's entirely plausible that we'll see a revival of some sort.