Hi all,

the nut for my affinity squier strat broke, and im looking to replace it.

Ordered a 42mm by 3.5mm from axetec.co.uk and turns out too big to fit in.

Do you recommend making the gap bigger to fit the new nut in or buy a new one?

Anyone know the size??

Google says its a 41mm but other places say its a 42mm..


Any help would be great thanks

(pic attached shows the size difference)
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take a piece of sandpaper, (start with ~120) and secure it to a flat surface (glass table).

take the nut, and hold it so the long, flat edge that would be facing your pickups is against the paper. sand it lightly, and test fit until it fits in.


didn't see the pics, you'll probably have to get another one, most likely a 41mm (if the new one was 42mm)

Why don't you measure it?
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ah thought that but im using a ruler, but I just want to be sure by asking u guys on UG.

Any good places to order from? UK btw... (axetec doesnt have any 41mm on website..)
If he sands it the string slots wont be in the right place anymore. The squire uses the smaller size nut 1 5/8 or 41.27 mm. Converting from imperial to metric never leaves you with a round number. Gonna be closer to 41mm than 42.