ive tuned the last 3 strings on my bass thats simple enuff but how do i get the b on the e string? do i hold down the 9th fret and tune to a? or 10th fret and tune to a? or is it the 8th? its a 4 string
tune the 5th fret 2 E?
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I needs to be EADG, the A string is supposed to sound the same as the E on the fifth fret, does that help at all?
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tune the 5th fret 2 E?

ok thats great..could u just confirm the remaining strings for me? that would be great mate
you dont have a tuner or something?
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If you can, tune the second to E. then tune the fifth fret of the top (b) string to E. then the other two you should know
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