Anyone know of any canadian distributors of amp parts/kits? Or even just a good canadian distributor of electronic parts like tubes and speakers and ****. I could go with an american distributor but keeping the shipping within canada is cheaper. Thanks for any help.
PM kurtlives91 he's canadian and has done amp builds before

he'll know where to go

(i'm english so i haven't a bloody clue)
antique electronics is a pretty good place to buy from in the US. I don't know of many canadian distributors but I've dealt with them many times, fast shipping and good customer service.

me? or the other guy, cos i guess i was expecting one from you, nah i didn't, i dunno whats up with this, i'll PM you with my email or something and you can get me there

if it was directed at the other guy, then yeah, i'll still give you my email cos i need those dimensions!