Ok, we've all heard players coming in here, asking for ways to make guitar more interesting because they aren't finding it interesting anymore.
But it hit me...how many of you decent players actually have found the guitar boring and hard to advance?
Is it about the discipline or just the passion that you always had for the guitar that got you to a high level?
I'm asking this because I know a few players, who are good at what they do, only got to their high level because they just enjoy doing what they do. I was kinda hoping i would grow to love guitar as I got better it's not much fun to mistake on the guitar a lot, plus my progress has been really slow, 5 years and still haven't got to grade 5. There are people that become virtuosos after their first year of learning.
Do people like me have what it takes?
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Dont give up!

Ive always just done it for fun, andi can play most things i want to, but it takes practice and patience!
Everyone learns at a different pace, its all about realizing what you need to practice so then you see the results you want quicker. Im trying to learnhow to sweep and its not really coming through fast but what i can do is damn enjoyable, it just takes time.

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I think that the big problem for most people is that learning guitar has periods of great improvement and periods of plateaus. It is frusterating for most when they are stuck at a plateau. I know I was when I was learning how to tremolo pick.
forget about grades and compairing yourself to others and just have fun
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I dont know what "didn't get past grade 5 means" but I've always thought whenever guitar playing gets even remotely stale, listening to new music gets me pumped to play again, and that doesn't mean learning a song off it. It could just mean getting an awesome cd or seeing a live band that gives you the urge to pick up a guitar right then and there.
I find myself listening to my ipod at work or whatever and getting really into a cd or song and practically leaving work to run home and play just because it gets me in that mindset.
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do you have a video camera? even the video mode on a point-and-shoot digital will work. best if it has a swivel screen so you can watch yourself
grab your guitar and make a video of the issues you're having
i'll send you a PM to a youtube link (its too embarrassing to post publicly here hahahaha)
Well I don't know maybe it's because I'm on the other side of the pond but I don't really think your level should have much to do with your playing. I would stop sweating it entirely and start to learn songs you really love listening to, if they are too hard for you then just slow them down as much as you need to until you can play them and then slowly bring them up to speed. It can be a long, arduous, and boring process but the results you get at the end will make you feel good. Basically, practice the best you can because good practice gets good results, and good results make you feel better about your playing.
well, ive been taking lessons for about a year, but prior to that i was self taught for about two years.
and id like to think im at least alright, and i just love doing it, ya know?

if you dont love it, dont waste your time. find something you do love to do.
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I would say half and half.

It's fun when I'm playing. I do get frustrated when I have to practice something that is giving me problems.

One thing I have always liked about guitar playing is the feeling of acomplishment when you get something sounding really good.

When I was in college playing guitar was not always fun - it became just like doing homework sometimes depending on the class - but I also was eager to learn new things.

It's easy to get stuck in a rut if you don't stick to a practice schedule and learn new things as well as playing for fun. I always am buying books, dvds, etc... to learn more.
The things that keep me interested are writing original songs, and jamming songs from some of my favorite artists.
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