I've had to wear a retainer at night since I got my braces off a few years ago. Who else wears 'em? just wondering, cause I hate it
i used to have retainers, ive had them twice in my life. they were awkwards at first, but i quickly got used to them
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Got my braces off five years ago and still wear them every night. I have to because my wisdom teeth are impacted and move my teeth all over if I don't.
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I have an essix retainer that im supposed to wear all the time.Its plastic sos you cant see it.
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i have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth (a bit of metal glued to the back of the front 6 or so teeth), and i'm meant to wear a retainer on my top teeth at night once a week but i always forget and my teeth have moved a bit i'd better start wearing it again and try to fix the problem before i need braces again.
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I had braces on for 5 years, then when I got them taken off, I hardly wore my retainer. They suck.

And now my teeth have shifted. >.>
I had a hard time letting go of my retainer so I gave it to my mom to hold on to.

However, I love my sexy smile
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I have one right now. It's supposed to be on 24/7. I havn't worn it in two months

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I stopped wearing mine after a while, my teeth were fine.
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I wear one at night. sucks.
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This thread has reminded me to start wearing mine again.



I too have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth. I stopped wearing my top retainer about 2 months after my braces were removed. No noticeable change.
Wore mine for the first 6 months after i got my braces off then one day my dog chewed both of them up
Haven't noticed a difference in my top teeth but my bottom ones have definitely shifted
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I usually put mine in every night, but sometimes I forget or leave it at my other parent's house. I just figure since we payed the money for braces I should at least try to keep them straight. I've had it for almost 3 years.
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I'm a bit worried I amy need braces. My teeth are quite 'gappy' however the dentist always said they were even so it was fine. However he has left for australia now so who knows what the new guy will say.
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i only have to wear my retainer when i go to sleep
ill tell you what its not as bad as wearing headgear when you have your braces
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I only have to wear a clear top one at night. I don't particularly love them, but I think it's probably better than having to keep up with a wire retainer all day long...

well the only reason I don't like mine is cause the bottom one cuts up the inside of my cheek and my gums, so I've got little cuts and ulcers all in my mouth
I keep forgetting to wear mine and my teeth moved quite a bit.

I have a wire behind my bottom teeth so I don't have to wear a retainer on the bottom, only the top.

This thread reminded me I need to start wearing mine again, and for that I thank you TS.

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hey thankyou for reminding me to wear mine. i am supposed to be wearing one at night. but i have been neglecting that responsibility for sometime now.
Wear it! EVERY night! My friend had to get braces again after he didnt wear his.
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I have a permanent bottom retainer and now i only have to wear my top retainer every so often, like 2 times a week. So ill just continue wearing it like twice a month.
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