Im 15, looking for anyone in the Tifton area of South Georgia to jam with, start a band with, and gig. My age if available, although I was in a band with a 30 year old
yeah. actually, i'm in a town called Saint Marys, which is about 45 minutes south of brunswick
I live in Americus, in Sumter County.

Tifton is what, about 30-45 minutes away from Cordelle?

Brunswick is towards the coast, about 3 or so hours away from where I live. So from St. Mary's to Tifton is at least 2 hours, I'd imagine.

My mother lives in Tifton and I go there every few weeks.
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goodluck findin people on here from tifton. your the only other person from tifton ive ever seen post on here besides me. ive been tryin to get a band started here for like 2 years. i recently found a few people but im waiting to here back from them otherwise i would have been interested. if you want you can add me on myspace on my music page and if **** doesnt work out ill contact you. the link is in my sig( vicious acts of violence). i dont know if you like the stuff i play though. if you add me let me know that your from ug and ill put youm on my top friends so youll be easier to find.