I just broke my left hand! The doctor says it will be "out of order" for ar least a month! I'm afraid to lose skill and dexternity. Does anyone have some advice for me? Maybe this is an opportunity (staying optimistic!) to learn to play Hendrix-style (plying left as a righty)? Anyadvice for doing that?

If u can still move your fingers, you'll be fine as long as you keep doing so. If you can't go for the righty thing .
keep moving your fingers, i guess. but just in case, try and get used to playing the other way ... i wish you good luck
aw damn that sucks.

so you cant move your fingers?
if you can, just move them around a bit on a regular basis
but going Hendrix style would be pretty cool, you should try that out :]
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get well soon
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the hendrix thing might be tough, if you cant move your hand or have trouble moving a pick you'll have to use your right hand to move the guitar body while switching frets. sounds hard...
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