I don't have a title for it yet.
I'm not so sure that this song makes alot of sense
but I'm throwing it out there so enjoy
ohhh and if anyone has a chorus to add that would be great
thanks hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!

If i could remember what i was doing last
I think i would give it more gas
To go faster would be unseen
To be unseen well that would mean

If i could look back through this scene
Just to gather something from this dream
Then I could tell you what to say
Mabey then you would get outta the way

The way to go well thats up to you
I could pick you up on the through and though
But i think after that neither of us would have a clue
So sit back relax while i tie my shoe
Isn't too bad.

Try not to rhyme - you can open yourself to a whole new vocabulary if you get it into your songwriting head that songs don't have to rhyme.

Otherwise, it's pretty ok. I don't have a chorus because i'm not entirely the best song writer in the world (There's a reason i'm a drummer )