well, you've definately got it. Try to practice timing and make sure you keep it moving, but its not bad at all, keep up the good work.
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You're well on your way to get it right. Just practice a bit slower with a metronome or a drum loop(=more fun than een metronome). It's a bit sloppy indeed, but i hear you've got the skills. Timing is everything!


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I believe the guitar was a little out of tune, but oh well. Besides that, just work on your hammer ons because you've got the pull offs down, and also try to play a little cleaner, like with a metronome, to keep in time.

Crite mine? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QPlNfqOwEQ

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You're obviously still in the learning stages with this song,but I think your on the right track. You skipped ahead a little at the end. If you don't have the free Power tab editor program you should get it. Ultimate Guitar has a very accurate Power tab song file of this song. The program & tab files are free. Guitar Pro is another good program that even allows you to slow it down. Really helps learning solos. You'll be able to see & hear the tab play on your computer screen.