hey guys, i have been looking for a good distortion pedal lately and I am having trouble finding one. i want something that can give my strat enough distortion for the dani california chorus and solo and give my guitar with humbuckers (super strat style) enough distortion for my heavier stuff like muse, coheed and cambria, yellowcard, blink 182. i have been looking at the MXR Distortion 3 but i am worried it doesnt have even distortion.
I am running through a vox ac15cc on clean and i want to be able to go between that and the distortion types above.
I was also thinking of installing a Seymour duncan distortion sh-6 in the bridge of my humbucker guitar, do you think this would give me much more distortion through the Distortion 3 due to its higher output?
If you dont think the Distortion 3 can do it, please suggest another pedal. I dont wanna spend more than about US$100.

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Pups will go a long way towards a better distortion but they will only carry it so far. I'm with minibrowny on this one. Whats your budget?
john frusciante uses a boss DS-2 and/or a EHX Big Muff. I think either of those would do it.
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Check out the Digitech Hot Head, I got one the other day and love it. It's very versatile and should be able to produce the tones you are looking for.
I would recommend You EHX English Muff'N but it's pretty expensive... if You have a big budget then it will be perfect I think
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