Whats something cool that i can spend 100 bucks on that's music related, i can't really think of much. Throw somethin out there
If you have a tube amp... perhaps an overdrive pedal?

If you have no amp/starter pack amp, Roland Microcube.
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A good pedal? what music do you play what gear do you have?
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id say save up and buy something even better. but it would help if u told us what music u play, what instrument, what gear your have
I'm pretty much set for good gear, i've got a Fender Highway 1, and Traynor YCV50Blue Tube amp, and a nice taylor, so idk what i should get, but the money is rotting away in my wallet
maybe a Boss GE-7 or a Korg Pitchblack tuner?

I've bought several pedals from UG members and have gotten great deals - maybe keep an eye out on the classifieds.
A nice OD, a great weapon for any tube equipped guitarist.
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a valve hr head. you can probably plug it into ur traynor's speaker.

a wah

a tuner pedal

a guitar stool

a mic

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High quality OD, Wah or Fuzz.
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