I was just reading the interview on the homepage. Anyone else look into this band? In my opinion they have a great sound that's not too distinguished. But it definitely is very catchy as claimed in the interview. Thoughts?
Their song "Someone Like You" is so familiar but I can't remember where I've heard it before. I know it's not from the radio because I hardly listen to the radio.

But anyway, I like their music.
I heard them on the radio a while back and like "someone like you."

is their other stuff any good?
"For Us, For Them, For You"
I downloaded some of their CD and it's pretty catchy. It sounds a lot like Red Jumpsuit. I like it.
I just listened to some more of the tracks off the album and now I'm thinking of picking it up. It's pretty good.
Yeah it is, the interview on the homepage drew my attention to them haha. I think they've got potential.