Before anyone asks, i have used to search button and couldnt find a direct comparisson between these 2 guitars. And dont ask about amp either, im getting an Epi VJ soon)

Im looking at the Jackson KE3 Kelly and the ESP EX-240

I love the Jackson look and think with a pickup change it'd be one bad ass guitar that will sound awesome. I've heard its quality stuff and at £400 its a decent price

But i also like the look of this ESP because it looks awesome aswell and i know they're quality guitars. I wouldnt go for the EX-400 because it comes with EMG active pickups, and it costs alot to change from active pickups to passive ones (im not a huge fan of EMGs). Also, i can get this guitar for about £200 because i get half price on ESPs (not saying how, but its not illegal) Note: the pickups in this ARE NOT EMGS. They're ESP EMGs which are passive but try to sound like proper EMGS

I'd be buying either one to use for stuff ranging from Metallica, Bullet For My Valentine, Megadeth and metal/hard rock in general.

Any help is appreciated
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That site has wrong info on the KE-3. The KE-3's and the rest of the pro line come with Seymour Duncans, so you won't need to change the p-ups.
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Personally, i would go for the jackson.

But the tempting thought of a £200 saving is pulling me the other way.

But i still say jackson. Looks smoother.
an epi vj isn't going to do metal very well...
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Buy the ESP and get a decent amp with the rest of the money. I'm sure GAK do the Laney LC-15 at a sub-£200 price.
Not a huge fan of the Explorer type shape, but I'd go for the ESP.

Don't get me wrong Jacksons are superb guitars (I use to play a Jackson Soloist), but IMO ESP just makes better quality guitars.
I wouldnt go with the EX-240, I personally have made this mistake of asking whether or not to buy this, and the answer is dont buy it because the wood (agathis) is total crap, specially for the amount of money you are going to buy it for. If you are going to buy an ESP LTD explorer type one, and dont want 400 series, then take a look at the ESP LTD FX-260, it has much better wood, and looks just as nice, the headstock is different though. Here's a video review so you can see.

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What about a Ibanez Destroyer they come high speced if you can find a old with super distortions as stock in them.
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