i LOVE this band. marquee moon is easily one of those albums i would chose if i had to answer that question "If you could only bring 10 cd's on an island, which would you chose"? i also happen to think that the last guitar solo in guiding light is probably the most gorgeous thing i have ever heard. just that little part makes it my favorite television song. adventure is pretty good too. foxhole is a great rock and roll song. glory is pretty catch as well.

anyone else love this group?
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No, you shouldn't have. You have to give people time, we're not always on the forum.

That being said, I love Television. They're really excellent; and they allowed Richard Hell to get a foothold in the NYC rock scene, which spawned excellent results. There's a thread about them floating around somewhere.
the thread has only been up for 35 minutes. this is a smalller sub forum so it usually takes longer to get replies....

EDIT one hour
You only waited half an hour before you decided no one here likes them? There are a lot of Television fans here. Here's the most recent thread about them.


Here are a couple more.

Amazing band. I'm really digging Adventure at the minute. Really underrated album. Very different to Marquee Moon but still excellent. "The Dream's Dream" is just incredible.
Television? More like suckavision! Or mabye telesuction!

I'm kidding of course...

two and a half men.
I lurv Television. I need to get Adventure, but every time I see it, it's $19. And I rarely have $19 that I'm willing to spend for just one album. This problem has also prevented me from picking up any Mission of Burma albums. I hate expensive CDs.

But, I bought one of Richard Lloyd's solo albums last week for $1. I haven't gotten around to listening yet though. =/
That's why every couple of months I go on a huge amazon cd spree where I get the cheapest used ones they have.
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That's why every couple of months I go on a huge amazon cd spree where I get the cheapest used ones they have.

hell yeah

that's what it's all about right there
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