What guitars can do black sabbath type metal well, but can also do classic rock stuff too like Pink Floyd?

EDIT: 700$ limit please
^ Yep to the big wall of "SG".
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Actually I'm pretty sure Epiphone makes a signature Iommi SG for under that price.


The reviews are eh, to be honest the reviews are dodgy since I'm not sure Epiphone could get away with making a claim saying the pups were the Gibson USA Iommi pups if they weren't, so I'd say the reviewers are probably wrong on this one and were expecting way too much out of it.
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Try an Epi G-400, I have one and it can more than pull off those styles.
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hope I can offer some advice. Well ive got a pretty wide music taste and ive got a iommi SG epi. And id have to say the pickups on it clean up really well, wont completely nail gilmours tone cause u really need single coils, but it wont be a full out metal guitar. But it will get a good take on gilmours sound just a bit more humbucker like. Its a very good all rounder guitar, and it plays more similarily to the gibson SGs i played in the shop. and infact better than some standards in my oppinion. I had the money for a gibson but thought what the heck this little thing plays just aswell, ill take it. But to be honest tony iommis sound on the first 5 sabbath albums is very hard to nail. Its got that humbucker quality, but a p90 low mid hump which gives it that drive. But really you need a 70s cranked laney amp. But I will promise you that you will like the iommi, and im not bigging it up cause I got one. Infact im thinking of upgrading soon to a blade rh4, mainly due to its unmatched versatility. And cause Im starting to miss a trem a bit. But if you dont need a trem, and want a good classic rock, jazz, blues, metal, and good all rounder get the iommi. Add lord_varkunus@hotmail.com if you want to speak more
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