Critting as I'm listening, and ok, first of all, how the fuck did something like this remains uncritted?

Intro "war" reminded me of the intro to Metallica's One . Great, builds up the visual image! The acoustic for the first few bars was ace, 'nuff said. Though, I didn't quite like the lead in ms 22. Idk, I think it's just my personal taste, but I didn't liked your choice of notes.

At ms 30 the rhythm was great, the tension builds up, but especially the drums was great. But, I was a bit disappointed, as you could've built more tension there, but the way the guitars were played (specifically the acoustics I think) dragged the atmosphere down, and it wasn't as overwhelming as it should be.

Next part was really nice, a great relief point there. My only complaint was the bass, it was somewhat lackluster, but nothing major.

Tbh, I headbanged to the riff starting at ms 54 . Great job there, but, I also have some complaints here. Guitar was a bit unaudible, but not a major problem. The bass, again was lacking, and this time it dragged the song down! I think it'd be better if you have the bass pick 8th or 16th notes or whatever, following the drums, not just using those slides. The solo on the recorder track (?) was also hardly audible. Great part, though, just need some rework here and there.

The next part is calmer, nice transition there. And that part was a well-timed and well-needed breather, so great job there . The acoustic at ms 95 onwards was really cool and served as a perfect ending, though I wished you did a clean or acoustic solo there, you know, some improv or whatnot, not just those slides and whatever. Ending was meh with the gunshot, could be better, but then again, could be worse.

So overall, a fucking job well done . It's really a nice song, and really balanced between heavy and soft. There were no parts that I dislike, and everything flowed perfectly, just that it needs reworking on some parts. Tbh, no one part was really outstanding, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, just that makes the song a bit less memorable. It just lack a little... touch of awesomeness .

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