well how can i get James Hetfield's tone? i have a jackson randy rhoades with emg 81/85 and a deluxe reverb fender amp. imma get a overdrive pedal or distortion pedal soon so if theres a certain one tell me plz.
Do This: Use the bridge pickup on your guitar, put the gain on your distortion to 10, Turn Treble and Bass to max - Middle to zero. . . .

I don't know, but that'll give you something like that.
Look up what effects he uses. Amps, pedals, etc. I think there are websites dedicated to mimicking guitarists sounds.
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Hetfield is currently trialling the Krank Krankenstein and Revolution 1 amplifiers, along with his current rig of the Diezel VH4, Mesa/Boogie TriAxis preamp and Mesa/Boogie Strategy 400 poweramp, and Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier. He has also been seen using the Mesa/Boogie MarkIV amplifier in the studio.
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Scoop your mids, downpick, palm mute a lot....
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You can probably get something to sound similar using a Behringer OD100 turning it to full distortion and full gain, about 3/4 tone and 2/4 volume......then add some drive from the amp and EQ: mids:2
Treble: 8
bass: 10

play around with that and youll probably get some metallica-ish sounds....it works for me......

Also I read somewhere that James Hetfield said his distortion is always coming from the amp and sometimes he might use a pedal.....
Scooping your mids too much sounds like ****.

To get his tone you're best off getting the same amp as him, which is where about 90% of his tone will actually come from.
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Scoop your mids, downpick, palm mute a lot....

Good tip. Definatly look at your plam muting technique if you want his sound. Even if you think your good at it you could still probably get more crunchy metallica sound by paying more attention to your technique.

With that amp/guitar you should be able to make a great sound with even a cheap distortion pedal. Are you practicing at home or gigging in a metallica tribute band?

I recomend you try an ibanez sm7 or an ibanez tube screamer or a boss metalzone first before you go buying **** that cost lots of money. I just searched ebay and found 50+ pedals like this for less than 30$ lol. Try one of these.

I use an sm7 right now and it has a selector switch "void" or something. It cuts out the feedback. I can rock out metallica songs with that with very nice sound with not even as nice of a guitar. More than sufficient for playing at home for fun. If you need pro leval stuff for gigging ask in the gear forum they would probably tell you more.
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Look up what effects he uses. Amps, pedals, etc. I think there are websites dedicated to mimicking guitarists sounds.

Try something like that, or maybe check out the GG&A forum.

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