Beautiful, almost new 2006 Fender American Strat - NOT A HIGHWAY 1 - neck in a nice maple flavor. Yes, it was cut, finished and assembled in the good ole' US of A. Date indicates it was completed in December of 2006, but wasn't attached to a guitar until Jan. 02, 2007. It wasn't even sold until sometime in early/mid 2007.

Modern C profile, medium jumbo frets, rolled edges, lightly tinted satin finish... extremely smooth playing neck - perfect for players that prefer lower to medium action. Only getting rid of it because I prefer rosewood necks.

As you can see from the pics, there is virtually no discernible fret wear. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to see additional pictures.

I'm asking $325 PP'd & Shipped (OBO) anywhere in the main 48. No trades at this time, please. I've completed a recent, very positive deal here on the UG forum and have a long, proud history over at ebay (under woodyjunior). I'm also on Harmony Central (as woodyjunior) and the Gear Page (as candypants).


wow it costs that much for just the neck?
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