Im looking to get a bass and an amp to jam with my drummer because ive always wanted to play bass but just never got around to it. Ive been playing guitar solidly for 2 years, although ive been off and on for 10. The thing Im most concerned with is which amp to get. The main one I'm looking at is a Fender Rumble 60 Combo. Most other amps tended to be 10-20w little practice amps. Like I said I'll be playing with my drummer so it needs to be loud enough for that as well as some small gigs down the line (bars, cafes, etc). Just wondering if anyone reccomends that amp or something like that in a price range of $99-$249.


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if you will be gigging in the future, you'll probably need more than 60 watts , unless your drummer is a wimp and the guitarist uses his practice amp. look for something with at least 100 watts, 150 is ideal. All I know about which brand to use is that you should stay away from Beringer(sp?). The rest of the forum will be glad to tell you about brands.
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I've heard some pretty good things about it, no personal experience, but I've heard alot of serious non-professional (aka broke) bassists say they swear by it. If I didn't have my ampeg 100w I'd get it, and I still might, just to see...

It looks like it would be a great amp for you:
Not expensive
100w instead of the 60 you were looking at
Option to go out to a 4x10 or 1x15
...And the only downside I see to it would be no high frequency tweeter, but...

I dunno, you should look into it.

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rock thats a preorder

also, I currently own the 60, its my practice/jam amp until I get in a band (everything around here is emo...I hate where I live.) I don't normally jam with a drummer only a guitarist so the rumble works for me but I would imagine if you wanna do gigs in the future see the above posts. you're gonna want more power.