so...frets on my guitar wore out and so the G string sounds out of tune at some frets...but it's a minor thing cause my parents can't hear it and I rarely have to touch the G string cause I can avoid it at power chords.
Me and my band are having our first gig on Friday.
So...should I play ''untuned'' or with a crappy sound(cause a guy who owns a shop let me borrow a guitar he made(hes a pro guitar maker) but it's kinda worn out. Has lots of dents and some passive EMGs. It's a HSS strat. I don't have time to set my sound right in 2 days...and I'm not used to that guitar.
So Pit...what do you suggest?
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Possibly an intonation problem?

My high E used to be the same way. When I played any note past, say, the 12th fret, it would be slightly higher pitched, and sounded out of tune.

It just wasn't intonated properly.

Check that first.
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get a new guitar, or re-fret your old one.

but i would say go for the other guitar. at least it will be in tune
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Don't play.

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I rarely have to touch the G string cause I can avoid it

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had the same problem, try to change your strings or take your guitar to some shop that can fix it
borrow a good one
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id say with the crappy sound cause you said rarely use the g string.

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