I haven't posted on UG for a long time...maybe a couple of months...so this is the new song I wrote about last week.. check it out...
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Hey man, not something I would normally listen to but I was impressed I liked it! Something about the interlude seemed a bit off to me though, coulda just been a GP error 'cause it sounded a tad off time to me, but regardless good job!
The only thing i can think of that would make this song heaps better is in the breakdown, get the drums doing a crash crash snare crash beat. if u want to have any sort of groove
Really good.

You need to get some bass going in there though. Also, the acoustic bit in the interlude goes by so quickly you'd be better either extending it, or getting rid of it, it just feels so out of place being only 3 bars long.
ya...interlude sounds a bit boring without crashs....Oh..I made only 3bars for acoustic interlude because I think it might be a bit out of order to make a little longer one...I mean I don't want to lose the mood between the verse and the chorus...that acoustic is like a little resting for the screamer