Any tips in helping to memorize the single notes on the fretboard. I have been trying for awhile but, I guess I am just ignorant when it comes to guitar. Thanks
I don't have a magic bullet, but this may help:

1. Memorize the notes across the E string first.
2. Learn about intervals. This helped me a lot. Pick a note on the E string, and identify where an octave up is on that string, and then the string below it, and then the string below that. Think about the fretboard as a pattern, and memorize the patterns of intervals.
3. When you learn a scale, don't just learn the pattern. Learn what notes you're playing, and sing them as you play them. Then play the same scale in a different key. Learn the patterns while learning the notes.
4. Remember there are only 8 notes A-G (not including sharps and flats). It's just not that complicated. If you learn about key signatures and modes, you may understand more about how notes relate to one another. It's all about relationships for me.
5. Practice, practice, practice, rest, then practice some more.