I was thinking about replacing the bridge pickup in my strat, and wanted a humbucker sound. I was wondering if these are a good choice to use (in general) and that if I installed one, would I need to install a switch to split the pickup in order to have the proper sound from the humbucker. Sorry if this is a noob question, I'm very to new to customizing guitar's electronics. Any type of response is highly appreciated.
Stacked singlecoils do have twice the poles of a normal singlecoil, but they're confined to a singlecoil space, so they don't "hear" as much of the strings as a humbucker does. They don't sound exactly like humbuckers, more like hotrodded singlecoils, imo.
No problem. Most Strats have been routed for a humbucker in the bridge position, so you should just have to get an HSS pickguard to accomodate one.
as far as i know MIM are HSS routed and MIA are HSH.
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^not all, but yeah most MIM strats have room in the bridge for a full sized humbucker.

so the only added expense would be an HSS guard.

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