The warlock in question is the one in my sig, i LOVE that guitar but....

i may know a guy that`ll pay $750 for it, i payed a touch over $1000 new almost a year ago. He`s looking to upgrade from some crappy peavey guitar, and he really likes the Warlock.

Now i`ve been toying with the idea for acouple months about selling my baby, not because i don`t like it, she`s a GREAT guitar and the tone outta her is awesome, BUT... theres a guitar i REALLY want and can`t afford.

The Kerry King V

All Maple
Neck thru
EMG 81/85/PA2
Kalar X bridge

so should i sell or not, i really love my Warlock and will be really sad to see it go, but i REALLY want that BC Rich KKV
really depends if you like khaler or floyd better.
Schecter Hellraiser (EMG 85/81 + 18v mod)
LTD SC-207 with EMG 707
Peavey 6505 Head
Some random Peavey 4x12 slant cab
Boss Chorus Ensemble + Boss DD-3 + Dunlop Crybaby Wah + Boss NS2
thats the thing the BC Rich V`s and Warlocks are my favrite guitars of all, that Warbeast is pretty sick too, but doesn`t have EMG`s

i`m like 50/50 on this one

i wanna sell but i don`t wanna sell, i wish i could just have both, i already had to get rid of 1 Warlock to afford my amp, everytime i go to the store that i traded my NJ Warlock too i`m sad because i really liked that one too.

if i get rid of this Warlock, i`ll have no Warlocks left but i`ll have one awesome V
I'd say to keep it, 'cause Warlocks are cooler than Vs! A bird in the hand, if you will, is better than a V in the bush. Unless you have played the V, and know that it works better at what you want it to do, I'd say stick with what you already know works.