My Viper 400 has a case of extremely bad fret buzz. my friend suggested raising the action, which i may do, but what else could i do, if anything?
you can raise the action, or you can take it in to get your frets lowered. guy at musicstop told me to raise my bridge instead of lowering them(he didnt tell me about lowering) but a guy at a local store told me to get them to lower my frets. so i am cuz its underwarenty nd shouldnt have fret buzz.
i'm just lil angry over my takamines buzz
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adjust the truss rod in the neck several times a year guitar are precision instruments adjust adjust adjust adjusting the action from the bridge alone just ruins the action not hard just take time and experience or take it to a pro if it's too bad
if it's on the first few frets, adjust truss rod.
if it buzzes on the 12th to higher frets, adjust action.
if it buzzes on open strings, nut problem.
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