1) There is an edit button, use it.

2) I wouldn't put a sticker on. It will greatly damage the value of the bass, and you will most likely hate it in a few months time, and removing them leaves sticky residue.
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How would we know what sticker YOU want? Take a browse through them, or do some research on designs.
No i meant what type i did say that. What type should i get for a guitar
I think just about any type of sticker will do, as long as it 'sticks'.

I don't think it's a very good idea, though. No matter what sticker you put on it, it ends up looking cheap and tacky. At least in IMO.

And read GM Jack's first point again.
Get a giant Subway sticker off the first page, saves wasting your time looking
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If you find your bass that boring, get a new paint job done, it will look better in the end.
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i would just use gift wrapping paper, and tape. then you can change it to fit your current mood, at the time. as stated, adhesive backed vinyl will soon start looking
cheap and shabby, then you'll be asking "how do i get this sticker off my bass?".