Mid 80’s Genuine FENDER Squier Japan Vintage Strat Neck. Serial number - E762079, which places it as made between 1985-1987. Stamped ST-362 which means it is virtually the same neck as was used on the Japanese-made 1962 Strat reissue from that era. It had a locking nut as you can see by the 4 tiny holes on the headstock. Frets and board in very good shape. Neck is straight, would make a great project neck. Tuners have been changed to Kluson Deluxe old fashion style tuners. I hate the term “relic” but this one has that look and vibe!

BONUS ADDED! - I will throw into this deal, a late 50's - early 60's replica Strat headstock decal I bought off EBAY to make the vintage look complete!

The neck is straight and has a truss rod at the heel but has dents and marks on the under (high E) side from a ring, they are not very noticeable while playing It plays great just how it is but would also make a good restoration project


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