I bought an ESP EC 1000 from Ebay and after receiving it and trying it out on my Peavy 5150 i found that in drop C it was incredibly muddy, with almost no string definition! I thought it may have been the strings so I completely restrung it and it is still terrible. It goes out of tune very easily, very muddy, low distorted sound with no definition. Can someone help? Is it the active pickups, are the batteries running out?
What are the amp settings and do you have active pups in it still?
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ESP I Dont think Ever made an EC-1000 Model, so either you got ripped off or you just didnt mention it was LTD

Replace the Batteries, as Said above. EMG's should have a Lot more deffinition than what your describing. also try turning the gain on the Amp down a bit.
probably the batteries
i also find emgs work better with lower gain

as for the tuning, what string guage are you using?
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Yeah lol I mean LTD sorry. My amp settings are fine, and that wouldn't explain the strings going out of tune. I will replace my batteries and see, but is there any other explanation?
Those are locking tuners. Did you lock the strings properly?
Check your tone and volume knob, too. Sounds stupid but it's actually a very common mistake.

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it was the pickups, i changed the batteries and now its fine. Cheers for the help guys, this forums awesome!