So, I recently got a Stagg strat-ish beginner guitar/amp combo for E189,- (yeah, euro's). So far I'm really happy with it. It's probably a bad guitar, but I'm not noticing it (yet). I do however have a few questions about the settings. I've taken pics of the guitar and the amp to clarify things. Excuse the crap quality. They're taken with my phone.

The guitar looks like this:

-1 is a little switch that changes the tone a lot. Does anyone have some more info on it?
-2 and 3 I pretty much get, exept: why are there two of them? They seem identical.
-4 I get. That's the volume.

The amp looks like this:

For those who can't read the words:
above 1 'overdrive', below 1 'gain'
below the little grey button 'on/off'
above 2 'clean', below 2 'volume'
above 3,4,5 'EQ'
below 3 'Treble', below 4 'mid' below 5 'bass'
above 6 'digital', below 6 'reverb'
above 7 '15 GA DR', below 7 'CO/MP3'
below 8 'phones'

So my questions are:
-What does 1 do exactly? I get that it's distortion, but as soon as I switch it on everything I do that involves picking more than two strings simultaniously sounds like one big loud fuzz. Even if I just turn it up a little. Am I doing it wrong or is it the (lack of) quality of the amp?
-2 Seems to do more than just the volume. It seems like the relation of the way 1 and 2 are turned up (hope that made sense) seem to affect my sound, rather than just the volume. Is it the volume of the clean signal which is only distorted later or something?
-3, 4, 5 I get.
-6 is supposed to be reverb but I'm not hearing it. Even when turned to the max. Am I doing it wrong?
-What the crap is 7? I never used it, because I have no idea what it does.
-8 I get. That's for headphones.
-One more question. Is there any way I can get a half decent Brian May tone out of this?

Thanks a lot in advance for answering my questions.
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for your guitar, 1 selects which pickup, when its upwards, the neck pickup is selected, one down is the neck and middle, the middle selects the middle pickup, next one down is the bridge and middle and the last is bridge only

the middle volume knob controls the neck pickup, and the last one controls the bridge, though for my guitar i dont find much of a difference (probably cos mine sucks too )
I can tell you that switch number 1 on the guitar is the pickup selector. Switching it back and forth changes the pickup that is being used. I'm pretty sure the distortion on your amp is probably all big fuzz because of the quality of the amp. I'm thinking that the jack (number 7 on the amp) is to plug it into an MP3 player or your computer.
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There are two tone controls on your guitar because the one closest to the volume knob controls the neck pup while the back one controls either the middle or both the middle and bridge (it depends on whether your guitar is cheaply wired or not).

Number 1 on your guitar is the pickup selector switch. All the way up is the neck pup, 2nd position is neck and mid wired in parallel, 3rd is middle pup only, 4th is middle and bridge wired in parallel, and 5th is bridge only.

On your amp, 1 is the gain control. It controls the amount of distortion. For a small SS amp like yours, it's not gonna horrible no matter what.

And you won't be able to get any kind of half-decent tone out of it.
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Questions, in order, except for the first, because the guy above me is right:
The first tone knob on your guitar controls the neck pickup. Roll it back, you get a treble boost. Roll it up, you get a treble cut. The second does exactly the same thing, but for the kiddle pickup.

The sound is probably either your Bass Mid and Treble settings on your amp or just the amp itself.

It sounds to me like that is your master volume.

It might be broken, but reverb is just the ambient echo of the note you just played. Mute your strings and strum; you should be able to hear an "echo".

No idea what it is...

Brian May? Treble boost, neck pickup with the tone rolled for a slight treble cut perhaps.

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okay about the amp, 1 is the gain which determines how much distortion you have, you need to press that litlle gray button to choose a clean or distorted tone, too much gain means a massive fuzz tone, your reverb I can't help with and you need 2 tone nobs to control the tone from both pickups
i think number 8 is an input for your CD/ MP3 player so you can jam along with it.

for the brian may sound, well he uses voxac30 tube amps and a treble booster pedal, but you could always mess around with your amp and see what you can get, try these setting's; see what it sounds like

# Gain: 8.5
# Bass: 5.5
# Mid: 9
# Treble: 4
# Reverb: 4

(try turning the treble up abit in place of the treble booster, see if it helps!)