How would you arrange these pedals? I just picked up a MXR 10 Band EQ and was trying it out in different places to see what I liked best, and this is what I came up with:

(from guitar) ---> JDF2 (Fuzz Face) ---> M-108 (EQ) ---> GCB-95 (Wah) --->
TS 808 (OD) ---> PH-3 (Phase Shifter) ---> (to amp)

Anyways, I just wondered what order you guys would use, because I'm still looking for the best sound and thought you might have interesting ideas for me to try.

Thanks in advance,
My Equipment

Parker Hornet (PM-20)
Fender: HotRod Deluxe (40 Watt)
Dunlop: CryBaby Wah-Pedal (GCB-95)
Boss: Phase Shifter (PH-3)
Ibanez: Tube Screamer (TS 808)
MXR 10-Band EQ (M-108)
Dunlop Fuzz Face (JDF2)
SKB Stage Five Pedalboard
I have the Phase Shifter and the TS808 and the same wah and personally I like it (from guitar to amp) Wah, Phase shifter in the middle the TS808, I don't have any experience with the 10 band EQ though.
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