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Pretty bad ass pic. Wish I wasn't broker than hell atm. I'd love to have that Dean.
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Hi, I'm looking for some fruit, I can't decide between apples and oranges.
Which one is better?
Well I have a pretty much brand new razorback V with a dean deluxe custom fit hardshell case, if you would throw in something else with the amp, this guitar does not have one scratch or mark on it of any kind, it's only been out of the case 3 times
i have a boss octave and line selector, I also have a mxr dime distortion and a digitech d128 rack unit (lots of random effects). and also the amp comes with a working foot switch
hey, I just took the guitar over to a friends and he dropped it, nothing too bad but the horns are dented a bit. I will get you some pics of it tomorrow if you would be interested in trading it for your amp, and mabye the octave pedal?
well i wouldnt give u the pedal now that its dented...but ill still trade u straight it the v225 or the cheaper model...ya i actually have recordings there not mixt great. go hear its all my amp in diff song is in drop b so its pretty low
I'll have to think about it man, personally I think it is worth the octave pedal too, or the DD for that matter. Do you come around Iowa much? I live like 9 hours away from springfield would you be able to meet me somewhere?
just realized that that is just for the head and I don't have a cab right now, sorry man but I can't get rid of my guitar for just a head, guess I should have paid a little more attention
lolz have to say ur shirt reminds me of beavis and butthead and the kid thats always trying to hang out with them always with the winger shirt on..... BUMP!
peavey xxx head for the dfh?

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