I'd appreciate if any of you constructively critiqued my band.

Friday 45

I'm the vocalist, and im trying to improve my vocals as much as possible.

I only started screaming about 3 months ago...

please note that we recorded that all by ourselves onto a laptop, so theres some tech. screw ups in there.

thanks a lot.
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meh vocals are fine couldnt hear them that well. I actually think the guitars need improvement.
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Actually you have pretty ****ing sick scream. Tell your lead guitarist to play with the guitar lower though. just doesnt look right. The only thing I can say regarding vocals. Is it be pretty sick if you'd switch into some singing. Its a formula. But its tested and true. And it lets you expand and sound a lot more versatile.
Vocals are great. Recordings aren't too good, but I understand.

Overall you're pretty good.