I don't know, maybe I just haven't listened to it enough, but I don't like it too much.

First off, when I was going through the book, at the part where it shows what equipment they use, it starts going through all the clothes they wear first.

Don't get me wrong, Alex Skolnick shreds like crazy, but it seems like he has no direction or feeling in it. I hate to bring up that old argument, but I can't really seem to follow what he's trying to say, so to speak. Its just random shredding.

And the songs really make no sense. It's just like they're just trying to use big words and sound cool, and the songs have no direction or meaning, except for one where he's singing about his dad? o_o

What do you guys think?
It didn't quite wet my nuts as much as i'd hoped.

It had it's moments though.
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It didn't quite wet my nuts as much as i'd hoped.

It had it's moments though.

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it was decent, not great, not bad. Evil Has Landed was great, though.
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^ yup. deffinetely worse imo than the Gathering but much better than any of the stuff the released after Souls of Black.

i simply didn't like the fact that they kept referencing terrorism and 9/11... its just simply not that metal imo.

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When I heard Alex was back in, a piece of me died knowing that his Jazz Trio stuff would go on hold.

The album is alright, could have been better, could have been worse.
It feels kinda dated to me. Part of it is having a song about 9/11 seven years after the actual event (Dream Theater did a great job with Sacrificed Sons, but they weren't quite as blatant about the theme), part of it is the whole groove-thrash thing they have going on, which hasn't really been relevant since Dimebag's death. Seeing as how a good deal of the songs were written years ago, this doesn't come as a surprise.

On a whole, though, the album was thoroughly enjoyable. It would have been better had some of the songs been faster.
What Dyer said.
F.E.A.R. is awesome though.

The Gathering = Demonic > Low > New Order > FoD = Ritual