I'm looking to upgrade my strat copy.

It is routed for a humbucker and I play a wide variety of styles so I'm looking to make this my workhorse guitar. I was thinking of putting a silver lace sensor in the middle and a blue in the neck, then possibly something higher gain for the bridge. How about an invader? I don't think the gold HSS lace sensors are suited to be able to handle high gain for the humbucker so I'd like some help choosing. I play Protest The Hero, the Human Abstract and Every Time I Die, but I also play a lot of blues, jazz, indie, funk and general rock so I need something versitile so I can get a really thick and rich distortion on my birdge but still maintain a smooth clean tone, then use the other two pickups for my blues and jazzy and other stuff.
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lace do dually or something. basically 2 laces in HB form
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