Hi, I recently bought a peavey classic 30 and I think its time to make my pedalboard. I play since 4-5 years, i use a godin freeway classic, that I tuned up and lvled up. i listen Joe Satriani, eric johnson, steve vai and al this kind of intrumental guitar. I want to get something near their sound and I want some suggestions on what to buy.

The peavey classic 30 gain chanel is not so good for that kind of music so I was thinking about buying the bad monkey. is that a good choice?

Im also thinking about a whammy/wha pedal. whammy being more expensive, i could start with a wha pedal, is the behringer one a good choice?

I dont like that much the reverb on the peavey(spring reverb) and there is no delay. any suggestion?

or maybe i could just buy something like the tonelab LE but im not sure aobut that... please give me any advise you can if you know any about what i was talking... also if you play that style to what kind of set you have and what is good with it. (also, should i go for the jj's lamps or the sovtek, if someone knows about that.)

I also want a mic to record myself but I think im good to find one

I dont want to spend to much money on this. good cheap stuff is perfect for me, i dont need the suprem quality for 3 times the price.... total budget would be around 300-350$max.
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Bad monkeys are great value for money. I know Vai uses a modded Boss DS1 (i think) and satriani has just released a signature vox pedal, so you could look into those too. but theres so much choice in the OD/distortion market now youd be best off going to a guitar shop and trying out loads of pedals and seeing what gives you the tone you want.

The behringer wah is a pretty crap choice, in fairness. Id recommend a vox V847 for lower gain and Dunlop 535Q for higher gain - or maybe a morley wah, but im not too sure on those ive never used one myself.

Delay for instrumental music would most likely be suited to a digital delay, so i would go for a Boss DD3 or DD6.

For a mic id recommend the good old shure SM57.
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Delay for instrumental music would most likely be suited to a digital delay, so i would go for a Boss DD3 or DD6.

Just FYI...at my local Guitar Center they do not even have the DD6's anymore only the DD7's. The do (for whatever reason) still have the DD3's.
thx for the comments, I just talked about that with a guy I know that is professional guitarist and he told me overdrive pedal was jsut adding some crounch and no gain to the sound. so what do i need to get what steve vai has in his sound? :S