Lots of things i have heard about their new album, stuff like Battleship Graveyard, straight jacket keel haul, and of course the vomitting winter.

Does anyone know anything about what there doing next?
I heard they wanted to do something with 'The number twelve looks like you'. A split LP. Something like that, i was totally confused so i thought i'd ask the world of UG
New Album = Split Apparently
Ex-creations is a phenomenal song BTW, Everyone Download it.
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crap alright, i'll get another one


Sledgehammer is a great song, screw it. Buy the Manipulator Album.

well doing a split album is one band does one half, the other does another half.
Theres a TFOT thread in the hardcore section.

I highly doubt they will be doing the split, because of the label of both bands not allowing them to do such thing. They're working on a full length, last thing I heard.
Quitting music soon hopefully.

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