i have a certian level of decent playing, some fast riffs i can dish out,
but i have seemed to stop on my ability regardless of how much i practise, and just cant get the "fast or difficult" riffs down very clean

you would think practising up to 4 hours or more a day i would be somewhat getting there

i just need some advice on how to push my playing even further,... tips, websites, videos, anything would be great

thanks guys


main reason is for speeding up and making things cleaner

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im the same- it comes slowly as you practice new and diffenrent songs iv found
For speed, just try alternate picking stuff... doesn't even have to be scales, just anything you find fairly challenging.

Also, I'd recommend playing clean. When you play clean you can't hide screw-ups and whatever, so it'll make you way more accurate.
speed is a byproduct of accuracy. stop trying to play fast and start trying to play accurately.

Make sure you can play something at a certain speed with NO mistakes whatsoever i.e. all notes sounding out clearly, as little unwanted string noise as possible and with correct timing etc. before playing it faster.
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yea everyone says this and its the only way...play it slowly and clean, thas much more important than speed. build up speed as you get cleaner. and if you get sick of practicing the same lead, learn a new riff. new riffs are always fun. learn a new one each day. and then keep practicing the old one.