This is a sad/nice acoustic piece i decided to make after listening to "tears in heaven" by eric clapton, and so (i may have failed) I tried to create a short song in the style of clapton...you be the judge. So please comment on this (good/bad/places of improvment comments will be much appreciated)

I know it says guitar pro in the title, but i dont actually have guitar pro on 'this' computer, but you should easily be able to import it from powertab...or just listen to the midi.

Tell me if you want me to crit your piece/s and i shall do so.

Thanks, Sean.

EDIT - Just discovered the "export to midi" option.
Inner beauty.zip
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ok, its up. I need to put in a good transition at about 30seconds in. But im having trouble with it, if you you have the time and an idea for it is there any chance you can help me?
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I liked it.

The transition you're talking about actually works the way it is. It may not be be the ideal way of doing it, but it works, and it doesn't actually sound bad.

The lead part is pretty good as well.

In order for a song like this to really be memorable though it needs some kind of memorable melody over top of it. Either vocals or some other instrument.
Nice, such beautiful song!

About the transition thing, I thought there was nothing wrong with it, but then again, it could still be improved. I suggest you play the chords that is in the next part as whole notes, downstroked, for the transition. Idk, I think it sounds good that way, but what you already have is also good .

Anyway, have to agree with icronic. You already have a pretty solid song, but right now, it's just chord progressions - beautiful one at that - but the point is the melody is not prevalent. Without that, everything just doesn't seem memorable, and it would be such a waste.

Everything else about this song was perfect (mostly), everything flowed flawlessly, but yeah, it just need that melody on top of it!

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