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Your Dean link just links to the Dean homepage.

****! xD thanks for telling me
I personally don't like Deans (even less if it's a dimebag model... jeeze they need to stop milking money off his death) but after seing the ESP i might choose it over it.

The ESP has only one pickup so that makes it less versatile (even then, the pickup isn't that great i believe). It DOES have an original fr though so that's good... but i probably wouldn't recommend that guitar much.

I haven't seen the Dean cuz ur link isn't working properly... but assuming it has an ofr, 2 pickups, and hopefully a more comfortable body shape i'd go for it.

EDIT: now i can compare!

ESP: Original Floyd Rose, nicer looks and playability probably but.... only one pickup(less versatility like i said) and it's not that great anyway. Also, it seems like it only has one knob, which means u can only control the volume or tone.

Dean: Good pickups but not that great of a floyd rose... overpriced!

I say you go for something else. A non-signature model would probably better as you'd get more bang for the buck. Both guitars are overpriced and aren't that great quality IMO (not for what ur paying at least).
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I hate those dean dime guitars. I would go for the esp though only 1 pickup isn't very good.
ok, fixed my original post now that i could see the dean.

summary: get a non-sig guitar. more quality for less money as it doesn't have a name attached to it. Another ESP model or maybe even a Dean (sorry, i just dislike those guitars personally, but to be fair they're not that bad) would be better. Look at Schecters as they're pretty inexpensive and have higher quality materials at that price range (the hellraiser series have active emg pickups, grover tunners i think, and original fr's if i'm not mistaken)... u could even get a pretty decent Ibanez for that price as well.
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Quoting yourself is cool.

WARNING: I kill threads.

That's a much better guitar with better parts and better looks lol. They also have it with an OFR but the picture for it isn't working (it's the same plus the fr).
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Quoting yourself is cool.

WARNING: I kill threads.
I'd go for one of the jackson rhoads models. That's pretty much what the alexi laiho signature is based on, and you will get more for your money
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i would look at this
the tremelo is acutally pretty decent
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